Company Mission Statement:

Walker Schooler District Managers’ people have a track record of helping to build great projects, companies, communities, and neighborhoods in our City. We have decades of experience and you can rely on us to be committed to making you successful.  We consistently bring the skills, energy and commitment to ensure that our part of the team, the Special District, is efficient and effective as your project matures.  We can’t wait to start!

Terry E. Schooler, Founder and Consultant
Mr. Schooler has over 35 years of professional experience in all phases of special district management, land development, entitlement, and construction management.  He is an expert in property enhancement and acquisition, coordinating, planning and engineering professionals.  Mr. Schooler has extensive experience working with regulatory staff and governmental agencies.
 Kevin Walker, President

 Kevin Walker has over 38 years in the business of real estate planning, development and management in a variety of positions in the greater Pikes Peak region.  Kevin has been involved in Title 32 special districts since 1986 with the formation and bond issuance of the Northgate Public Building Authority.  Since then, he has been involved in formation and operations of more than 40 special districts as an officer and manager.  Armed with a master’s degree in City Planning, Kevin has worked for public agencies and major community developers as well as a principal in a number of his own projects, Kevin has lived in Colorado Springs for his entire professional career.  Married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren, Kevin has senior management and marketing responsibility for Walker Schooler District Managers.  As an owner of the business, Kevin takes great pride in the customer service focus of the company and is always available to talk to clients, residents, rate payers and anyone who comes in contact with Walker Schooler District Managers!

Lori VonFeldt, Chief Operating Officer

 Lori joined Walker Schooler District Managers in 2004 with a diverse background in business ownership, computer programming, management, and full charge bookkeeping. Walker Schooler District Managers, in 2004, was mostly involved with land development consulting and managed only one special metropolitan district.  Lori’s expertise and skill have helped to grow the district management portion of the company exponentially over the years.  She is a Colorado native with over 30 years of experience that makes her a valuable asset for client support, budgeting, audits, financial reports, banking relations, projections for bond issues, and providing continuing disclosure information to bondholders, trustees, and the government.  Lori has developed an outstanding reputation with boards, staff and the financial community to provide clients with an excellent resource. Walker Schooler District Managers, continues to advance with the support and enthusiasm of Lori’s dedication and commitment towards healthy and successful special districts.

Rebecca Hardekopf, Accounting Specialist

 Rebecca joined Walker Schooler District Managers in 2016 and has primary responsibility for all services-billing, including software/hardware management, and accounts receivable and payable.  Rebecca is the valued assistant to the COO and District Managers in our company and regularly coordinates state government reporting for our districts, routine bookkeeping and account management.  She is also our website manager for our site and our District’s sites.  She is a recent college graduate, holding a degree in Accounting as well as Criminal Justice with a certificate in Bookkeeping, and is a valued and resourceful employee for our clients.

 Kalilah Anderson, Administrative Professional
Kristina Kulick, Transcriber/ Assistant
Kaleb Pietkoski, Professional Intern