Mission Statement:

The people of WSDM have a track record of helping build great projects, companies, communities, and neighborhoods in our City. We have decades of experience and you can rely on us to be committed to making you successful.  We consistently bring the skills, energy and commitment that ensures our part of the team, the Special District, the Community, and the Association are efficient and effective as your project matures.  We can’t wait to start!

Our Story:
Formally known to many as Schooler & Associates, Inc., or Walker Schooler District Managers, WSDM was founded by Terry Schooler in 2001, then purchased by Kevin Walker in 2017, with a shared vision of enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness on all special district operations with a focus on building relationships with local governments and community stakeholders, while laying the groundwork for future growth.

In its early years, the company focused on providing comprehensive and excellent management services to special districts in the Pikes Peak Region. Over the past five decades, WSDM has become a trusted partner for municipalities, developers, and more, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each district it serves.

In recent years, WSDM manages over 50 special districts, associations, authorities, and small water companies from all over the Pikes Peak Region to include; El Paso County, Teller County, Elbert County, and Douglas County. WSDM continues to expand our reach of service offerings to meet the growing needs of our clients and Colorado. We have embraced a customer-centric approach, prioritizing transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in all aspects of its operation.

WSDM’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and engagement has vested a position as a leader in Special District and Association management. By leveraging our expertise and resources, WSDM has enhanced the communities it serves. As we continue to evolve and adapt to new opportunities, we remain dedicated to our mission of managing vibrant communities and infrastructures for generations to come.

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Harris, President & Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Harris, holding a tenure with WSDM, brings vast knowledge to the management of our Clients.  Growing up in the industry of Title 32 Special Districts, she provides historical awareness and continued support to the evolving state of Colorado. Rebecca is known for her active and intuitive leadership style; she has expanded the clientele and staff throughout her tenure and officially took on the role of President of WSDM on June 17, 2024. She has committed to continue the success WSDM has built and create excellence for all projects, companies, communities, and neighborhoods. Her dedication highlights the company’s commitment to diversity in governance as she continues to routinely monitor staff, communities, clients, and our customers. She holds a College degree in Accounting and Criminal Justice with certifications in Bookkeeping, Community Association Management, and Certified Pool Operator.  She is a Colorado native who loves the beauty of Colorado Springs. Understanding the priority to keep our communities growing and attractive for those who live here and those who visit. Her skills and knowledge make her a valued and resourceful Leader for our clients and residents.

Heather Smith, Director of Association Services
Heather joined WSDM in October of 2022. She moved to Colorado in 2013 from Orange County, California. Heather has earned the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) destination from Community Association Institute (CAI). With experience as a Community Association Manager in both California and Colorado, Heather brings a vast array of expertise in the development and maintenance of communities. Her extended knowledge help makes sure our communities continue to thrive and enhance the beauty of Colorado.

Adam Noel, District Manager
Adam has joined the WSDM team as of 2022, he graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. Originally from Nebraska, Adam grew up here in Colorado Springs and has always enjoyed being close to the beautiful Rocky Mountains for camping, fishing, and hiking. He met his wife in 2019 and they have a 2-year-old son for which they spend most of their free time with. He is a District Manager with the primary responsibility of ensuring all our District stay in compliance while providing excellent service to our clients, vendors, and communities. Adam enjoys living in Colorado Springs and is excited to contribute to the continued growth and maintenance of the community.

Jak Pattamasaevi, Project / District Manager
Jak joined WSDM in July 2022. Jak has 4 years of experience in residential rental management 7 years of experience in criminal prosecution. Jak is a graduate of University of Colorado, Boulder with a Master of Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate. Outside of ensuring the reliability of services provided by the district as well as compliance for our clients, he keeps his hands full as a father of 3.

Amber Hardekopf, Billing Specialist / Project Manager
Amber joined WSDM in May of 2020. Amber currently is taking on the role for all services billing related to include receiving payments, processing customer statements, provide excellent customer service, and software data entry and tracking. Amber is a valued asset to the company by providing assistance to the District Managers on miscellaneous projects and Managing water companies. Amber loves to spend her spare time outdoors with her family and explore. This quality in Amber and being a Colorado Springs native adds a value to WSDM by providing a historical knowledge on the community and an enthusiasm to keep the beauty Colorado has to offer by growing and serving the Front Range area.
Currently Hiring, Assistant District Manager

Susan Gonzales, CPA, Director of Accounting Services
Susan joined WSDM in March of 2021. Susan is responsible for preparing all of the Districts Budgets, Accounting for all District Bonds, and Overseeing all District Audits. Susan has 35 years of accounting experience, with 7 years of district accounting. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. She obtained and has maintained her license as a Certified Public Accountant for over 20 years.

Paula Adams, Accounting Assistant
Paula joined WSDM in November of 2023, and her primary responsibility is to assist in all accounting relations for our CPA including, but not limited to, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and billing.  Paula has an Associate Degree in Business Administration with a focus in accounting, as well as a diverse background in business-related positions over the past 20 years.  She is a Wyoming native, as is her husband; however, Paula and her family have lived all over the United States due to her husband’s 20+ year military career.  Paula and Jeremy have three children. Paula is ecstatic to be part of the WSDM team and contribute to preserving the beautiful communities in the Colorado Springs region.

Kristina Kulick, Administrative Professional
Kristina Kulick joined WSDM in 2018. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2016 from Dallas, Texas with her husband and two dogs. She now lives in Pueblo and is a mother to two young children. Kristina transcribes the minutes for all Board meetings, manages all of the District websites, and assists with compliance and annual reporting. Kristina’s diverse background and knowledge in customer service, administration, and property management help WSDM to continue to grow and become a successful company in all future endeavors.

Brenda Juarez, Administrative Assistant
Brenda joined WSDM in September of 2023. She is a native of Colorado Springs and enjoys bike riding, riding quads in the mountains, camping, reading, and creative writing. Brenda has been married for 28 years and has two children, ages 24 and 21. A graduate from PPCC with an associate in general applied sciences with her paralegal certification. She is the administrative professional who provides general support for the office and is committed to serving with excellence. She has over 10 years of administrative experience. Brenda is the phone and face of Customer Service at WSDM. She is passionate about learning the world of special districts and commits every day to keeping our office, clients, and communities we serve up-to-date and providing assistance to our District Management team on an array of projects.
, Covenant Enforcement
Currently Hiring