Government Management Services

WSDM will ensure that all your government forms and reports are submitted to the appropriate party and/or maintained in our public repository in an efficient and timely manner including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Preparation and facilitation of all open meetings, including required public posting, and coordination with all reporting parties to develop and draft board meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and status reports
  • District Organization Documents, including Boundary Maps, Order & Decree, Service Plan, Rules & Regulations, Board Formation, Insurance, Elections, IGA’s, Inclusions, Easements, Bonds, and Legal Filings
  • Agreements, such as contracts with your district manager, attorney, engineer, bond & insurance companies, HOA management, waste management, memberships, etc.
  • Resolutions passed by the Board of Directors
  • General Elections and Special Elections
  • Board Documents, which could include open meeting agendas, packets, minutes, reports from the district manager, engineer, attorney, or others
  • All reports and forms as required by the State of Colorado, El Paso County, and local municipality
  • Homeowners’ Association management team and Development Review Committee
  • Contracting services for the district, including issuing requests for proposals, reviewing bids, securing contracts upon board approval, and inspections and performance reviews or inspections of all contractor services

Financial Management Services

  • Annual Budget preparation and submittals
  • Financial analysis, including cash flow analysis, balance statements, and profit and loss reports
  • Fee collection for all assessments, improvement fees, and maintenance fees
  • Utility district fee collection
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable