Local Impact Fees:

The properties that are included in WRMD shall be required to pay property taxes with a mill levy of 10 mill— 2001 equivalency, capped at 25 mills—2001 equivalency.  In addition, the properties shall be required to pay a platting fee of $385.00 per single-family residential unit and a building permit fee of $550 per single family residential unit.

Multi-family properties shall pay the same fees based on the single-family equivalency, taking into account traffic generation or trips, density, and land use.

Commercial and industrial properties shall pay both a platting fee and building permit fee.

It is the intention of the parties that property which is exempt from taxation but which would otherwise contribute to the traffic on Woodmen Road, should be required as a condition of platting, development, or annexation to pay the platting fee, building permit fee, and a fee in lieu of property taxes.  It is further the intention of the parties that public property used for public purposes and owned by the City, the County, or the Colorado Springs Department of Public Utilities shall be exempt from all fees.

For non-residential properties, the platting fee shall be $1,540 per acre based upon developable acreage net of dedicated public rights-of-way.

The building permit fee would be based upon single-family equivalency adjusted for traffic generations based on land use and type and could be as follows:

Single-Family – $550/Unit

Multi-Family – $385.00/Unit

Destination retail/hotel – $1.37 per square foot

Convenience Commercial – $5.51 per square foot

All Other Uses – $1.10 per square foot

The District will determine the appropriate categories to use in determining the building permit fee using the ITE Trip Generation Manual as amended.

Pursuant to the approved service plan, the District, on an annual basis, may adjust upwards the building permit fee and platting fee based upon increases in inflation and cost of living, as determined by the consumer price index.

By including properties into WRMD, the initial property owners have consented to said fees and taxes and have agreed that their properties shall be subject to the payment of the same.

“Ten (10) mills—2001 equivalency” means the mill levy is automatically adjusted upwards by the same proportion as any decrease by the State of Colorado of the ratio for assessment of commercial or residential property from the present ratios of 29% and 9.15%, respectively, in order to produce the same revenues as would have been produced had the valuation of property not been changed as a result of changes in Colorado law.


The Board of Directors designates the District Manager as the official custodian of public records as such term is used in Section 24-72-202, C.R.S., with the functions thereof hereby delegated to the District Manager as the custodian as defined in 24-72-202(1), C.R.S.  The custodian is authorized to develop such procedures as may be reasonably required for the protection and retention of such records.  On behalf of the District, pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72-205, the custodian may charge the maximum fees allowed by law for copies, research and retrieval, development of privilege log, and such other services as are authorized by law.