Current Board of Directors:

John Mick, President
District 1 & 3-8 – Term to May 2022
District 2 – Term to May 2023

Lee Merritt, Treasurer
District 1 & 3-8 – Term to May 2023
District 2 – Term to May 2022

Jason Kvols, Secretary
District 1 & 3-8 – Term to May 2022
District 2 Term to May 2023

2021 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2021 Board Meeting Minutes
Important District Documents
Mayberry Colorado Springs MD 1-8 Service Plan
District Boundary Map
Mayberry Colorado Springs MD1 Transparency Notice (2021)
Financial Documents
District No. 1 2021 Budget
District No. 2 2021 Budget
District No. 3 2021 Budget
District No. 4 2021 Budget
District No. 5 2021 Budget
District No. 6 2021 Budget
District No. 7 2021 Budget
District No. 8 2021 Budget

District No. 1 2020 Budget
District No. 2 2020 Budget

*The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Packets above.
The Board of Directors designates the District Manager as the official custodian of public records as such term is used in Section 24-72-202, C.R.S., with the functions thereof hereby delegated to the District Manager as the custodian as defined in 24-72-202(1), C.R.S.  The custodian is authorized to develop such procedures as may be reasonably required for the protection and retention of such records.  On behalf of the District, pursuant to C.R.S. 24-72-205, the custodian may charge the maximum fees allowed by law for copies, research and retrieval, development of privilege log, and such other services as are authorized by law.
Election Information
2020 Colorado Special District Election Manual
2020 Election Timeline Visual
Quick Links to Special District Elections
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