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Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District Technology Accessibility Statement
Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District is committed to providing equitable access to our services to all Coloradans.

Our ongoing accessibility effort works towards being in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, level AA criteria. These guidelines not only help make technology accessible to users with sensory, cognitive and mobility disabilities, but ultimately to all users, regardless of ability.

Our efforts are just part of a meaningful change in making the District’s services inclusive and accessible. We welcome comments on how to improve our technology’s accessibility for users with disabilities and for requests for accommodations to any District services.

Feedback and Support
We welcome your feedback about the accessibility of the District’s online services. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers. The District is committed to responding within three (3) business days.

Phone: 719-447-1777
Address: Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District
Attn: Compliance Officer
614 N Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


The District is a quasi-municipal corporation and political subdivision of the State organized in December 2002 pursuant to Article I, Title 32, Colorado Revised Statutes (the “Act”). The District is located in El Paso County, Colorado(“El Paso County” or the “County”), along the Marksheffel Road and the Sand Creek Channel on the west, Constitution Avenue on the North, and U.S. Highway 24 on the east and south, immediately east of the City of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The District currently contains approximately 423 acres.

The District is organized primarily to finance the design, acquisition, installation, and construction of street, landscaping, traffic and safety control, water, sanitary and storm sewer, and park and recreation improvements (“Facilities”) for the benefit of the District’s residents and taxpayers and other users of such regional improvements. The majority of the Series 2004 Bond proceeds will be used to finance and provide public improvements to Marksheffel Road, a north-south thoroughfare, which bisects the District, as well as improvements to the Sand Creek Channel and Bridge improvements along Marksheffel Road and Sand Creek Channel.

Once completed, the District will dedicate or cause to be conveyed the park and recreation, traffic safety, all public streets and streets dedicated by plat, all public drainage facilities, and public sidewalks, as well as rights-of-way and easements necessary for access to such facilities to El Paso County.

Improvements including all the tract-landscaping improvements, landscaping along major streets, entry features, and drainage tracts may be retained by the District for operations and maintenance if the same are not otherwise dedicated to and accepted by El Paso County. The water improvements and wastewater improvements constructed and financed by the District are to be conveyed to Cherokee Metropolitan District for ownership and continued operation and maintenance. Additionally, the District anticipates conveying open space landscaped improvements along certain sections of the Sand Creek Channel to the Cherokee Metropolitan District. 

Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District has an existing mill levy of 0.000 mills obligated to pay off Debt (see annual report) and 5.000 mills to fund operations and maintenance within the District at this time there is no discussion on issuing any future mill levies. The Debt mill levy is set to stay in place until the obligated debt is paid off, current maturity date is set for December 1, 2046, and there are currently no anticipated increases however the district is hoping to decrease the Operations and Maintenance mill levy in the next couple years.

At this time, there is no discussion on any additional Long Term Financial Obligations anticipated by the district. Here is a summary of the district’s current outstanding Long Term Financial Obligations:

Name of DebtInitial Debt Issuance AmountMaturity DateInterest Rate
US Bank 2014 Loan$12,230,000Dec. 1, 20242.94%

The Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District main function is to collect tax revenue to pay off the current Long Term Debt and provide detention pond maintenance along with landscape maintenance throughout the District owned by the District. At this time, the district is not anticipating providing any other primary functions. The district currently owns the landscape tracts and is in process of taking ownership of the detention ponds. *See map for a visual of property owned by the District.

Schedule of Fees

Fee TypeClassificationsRate
Building Permit FeesResidential
$1,914 / Residential Unit
Building Permit FeesResidential
$1,172 / Residential Unit
Building Permit FeesPronghorn Meadows F 2 & 3$246.70 / Unit
Building Permit FeesIndustrial / Agricultural$1.50 / Square Foot
Building Permit FeesLodging Land$200 / Room
Building Permit FeesRecreational / Institutional$2.00 / Square Foot
Building Permit FeesMedical / Office / Retail$2.00 / Square Foot
Mill LevyDebt Service25 Mills
Mill LevyO&M5 Mills
The Due Date for each Building Permit Fee is at the time of issuance of a building permit.

PAYMENTS: Payment for each fee shall be made payable to the Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District and sent to the following address for receipt by the Due Date:

Central Marksheffel Metropolitan District
c/o WSDM District Managers
614 N Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Current Board of Directors

Randy Case IIPresidentMay 2025Randy.C@CentralMarksheffelMD.orgDeveloper
Dave HammersVice PresidentMay 2025Dave.H@CentralMarksheffelMD.orgDeveloper
Bryan LongTreasurer/SecretaryMay 2027Bryan.L@CentralMarksheffelMD.orgDeveloper
VACANTDirectorMay 2025
VACANTDirectorAppoint to May 2025

Meeting Schedule: 2024 Regular meetings are scheduled for July 23, 2024 at 9:30 a.m. for the Audit, and November 5, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. for the Annual Townhall meeting followed by the Board meeting and Budget Hearing. Meetings are held at Case International, 119 N Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and virtually, as needed. Please see the Board Meeting Agenda for virtual meeting information.

District Manager:

Rebecca Harris

Phone: 719-447-1777 ext. 103


2024 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2024 Board Meeting Minutes
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2021 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2021 Board Meeting Minutes
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Required Notice Pursuant to House Bill 23-1105 – Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force

House Bill 23-1105 created the HOA and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Forces to examine certain matters in communities that are governed by these entities.  The Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force will review, among other matters, tax levying authority and practices, foreclosure practices, communications with homeowners and governance policies. A requirement of the new law is that we notify you of the creation and existence of the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force prior to its first meeting.  If you have any questions about the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or visit their website at

Important District Documents
CMMD District Service Area Map
CMMD District Boundary Map
CMMD Service Plan
CMMD Annual Report (Filed in February 2024)
CMMD DLG 30 Form (Filed in February 2022)
CMMD Transparency Notice (2023)
Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs)
IGA Meadowbrook Pwy / Marksheffel Road Intersection
Financial Documents
CMMD 2022 Audit
CMMD 2021 Audit

CMMD 2024 Budget
CMMD 2023 Budget
CMMD 2022 Amended Budget
CMMD 2022 Budget 2021 Amended

*The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Agenda Packets above.
2023 Annual Administrative Resolution
Resolution Calling 2023 Election
Second Amendment to Traffic Impact Fee & Public Improvement Agreement (2020)
Resolution Concerning Imposition of Capital Facilities Fees (2017)
Election Information
Election Documents and Information:
2023 Notice of Cancellation of Election and Certified Statement of Results
2023 Election Information Reference Guide
2023 Regular Election Calendar
2023 Election Manual – Bookmarked
2023 Frequently Asked Questions
Link to Special District Forms Page
*For more information, visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Special Districts Elections Page
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